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    KDE and pen problems

    Hi hi,

    i had my old linux pc Pentium 133 resting at a corner for 2 years.
    Decided to use it again, except my brother stole mouse and keyboard.
    I had a Pentium 3 near and a mouse and keyboard. Since i didn't have an adapter to connect the mouse and the keyboard to my old pc, i opened the pentium 3, e transferred the 3 tiny hard disks from the old to the "new" one.

    So, now i have a pentium 3 with my old 3 hard disks and my old pc screen.
    I have slackware, installed before the transferring of hard disks.

    KDE doesn't open, it says no screens found. I'm using the same old pc screen but obviously a different graphic card.

    Can't mount a pen. Tried

    mount /dev/sda /mnt/pen

    and other several sd*.

    Tried fdisk /dev/sda:

    Unable to open /dev/sda

    plus sdb-sdh.

    Thank you for the help

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    Hi and Welcome !

    You are not specifying partition number.
    It should be
    mount /dev/sda1 /mnt/pen
    Post exact error message here, if any. Post the output of fdisk -l command too.
    KDE doesn't open, it says no screens found. I'm using the same old pc screen but obviously a different graphic card.
    You can edit xorg.conf file using LiveCD or in Rescue mode.
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    I tried with the partition also:

    mount /dev/sda1 /mnt/pen

    always gives me the same message:

    /dev/sda1 is not a valid block device

    And fdisk -l gives me the list with the 3 hard disks, hda, hdb and hdc. Doesn't any other device.

    When i tried to open kde:

    Fatal server error:
    no screens found

    I dont know where that file is, i'm not very experienced in linux.

    While i was waiting for an answer, i thought about reinstalling linux, cause i was thinking that putting a hard disk with an os already installed, in a pc with diferent configurations could cause some problems.
    Now the problem is these tiny hard disks. I have a disk with 1600 MB and another with 1700 MB, and a smaller one just for data. Currently the slackware 9.1.0 is in the 1700 MB one. I have the slackware 10.2 disks but the full installation is more than 3 GB.

    Its possible to put some packages in a disk and others in the other?

    How much space do i need for swap, at the moment i have only 200 MB for the swap partition.

    What packages should i select so it can fit in the disks?
    I need the programming stuff mostly. And i'm gonna try to learn more about administrating linux, so i need some utilities.
    I deffinitly don't need sound stuff and maybe i can turn down kde also.


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    Try using 'fdisk -l' (lower case L) instead. (perhaps in a root terminal)
    This should list all your dives.

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    Try to use
    ''fdisk -l'' and make sure that you are in root terminal

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