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    Slackware and VirtualBox

    Hi All

    I have just installed VirtualBox in Slackware 13.1 like host, and installed Win XP like guest. I am connecting with a modem Huawei with no problems in my Linux.

    The issue is that I need connection between the host and guest and vice versa, but the host can not ping the guest.

    Do you know what can I do to be able to solve this?

    Thanks in advance!

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    The guest is using the same IP as the host.
    Change the guest IP and try again.

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    Hi w3nd1go

    I already did that, but it doesn't work.

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    Khriztian, how is the VM network adapter configured?

    You would need to have it configured as "bridged adapter". I think the default is NAT which allows the guest to go out NATed thru host but you can't have them talk to each other using NAT.

    To view this you would need to power off the VM, then go to Machine, Settings, Network.



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    Hi X-corpion

    You are right. Is with the default option NAT. I know that need to change it to 'bridged adapter', but with what kind of configuration?

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    bridge is the way connect your virtual machine like if it was side by side your computer with a switch. But if you use a modem to connect to the internet you can be in trouble as you need 2 different IP on that cnx.
    You can try to setup 2 differents NIC card on the VM. One if NAT mode, wich will allow you to connect to the Internet using the host cnx. And a second one, host only networking to communicate between the VM and the host (or use shared folder if you just need to copy files).

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    Well, I think that the config would depend on what your ISP allows you to do. For example I have the guest on a bridged adapter and recieving IP via DHCP. Same for the host OS. So my ISP gives me two IPs that are usually on the same subnet and I can comunicate back and forth without any issues. I can communicate even if they are on different subnets because the ISP does the routing between the different DHCP pools. You can also configure both NICs (the host's and guest's) with an static IP on the same subnet and that should do it but I guess you would lose Internet connection and we dont want that.

    You might wanna give it a try and see what happens.

    Now, if you dont need full connectivity between the two but just some filesharing capabilities, I think RDU's solution would work. I think you dont even need the second NIC, just the first one configured for NAT and shared folder should do it.

    Have fun.


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