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    random freezing/jumping?

    I'm using slackware 10, and when working, occasionally the system will freeze, music stops, I can't move the mouse, or anything for a second or two.

    gkrellm is running, and I see the proc chart jump to the top, maybe there are some cron jobs running that I don't know about?

    What could cause this?

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    in a shell, this could tell you what is taking all the process.
    also add the monitor to your panel so you can see it happening.

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    I can't do that when it freezes, It's happend maybe 2-3 times total, I have top running, but don't see any processes that are causing it. I can't seem to get it to freeze while top is running... :P
    also add the monitor to your panel so you can see it happening.
    This makes no sense to me. I have no panel (not really, I have fluxbox, it has a slit to dock apps though, if that's what you mean) and I don't know what you mean by "monitor" Some config program maybe?.

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