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    need help getting ltmodem to run under slack 10

    OK, I installed the drivers -- no errors..

    then I go to wvdialconf and it doesnt recognize /dev/ttyLT0 as a modem, and says it has input output errors...

    Ive reinstalled it about 20 times...

    nothings working... PLEASE, if you can help me...

    I really wish there was a slackware compatible rpm or tgz out there...

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    I hope I can help you if you help me in return. I have Slack 9.1 running on this laptop with winmodem no trouble. I have another laptop running slack 10 with the same winmodem no trouble. 9.1 has kernel 2.4.22 and uses ltmodem-8.26 while slack 10 has 2.4.26 and needs ltmodem-8.30a3. This latter I installed on Slack 10 no bother. I have now dual-booted Slack 10 onto this Slack 9.1 box and looked for my ltmodem driver that I kept but can only find the modules, not the install script - which is needed to set things up. I cannot find ltmodem-8.30a3.tar.gz anywhere - I am certain I would have originally obtained it from .the christof hebeisen website but cannot find it there now Where did you find yours? Or can you mail me a copy? I will then install it on here and tell you what happens. I use wvdial and seem to recall some minor tweak that had to be made. Have you thoroughly read the install documents? I seem to recall quite a lot of important and useful info. Anyway, never fear, it can and will be done.

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