After having recompiled libmixmod and then recompiled SDL_Mixer to get support for certain music formats I now find myself unable to start a lot of SDL programs that were previously working perfectly fine -- even some programs that do not use any sound functionality at all will not work.

I get the following error when I attempt to execute my project which was previously working fine:

"XDM authorization key matches an existing client!Error: Unable to init SDL: Couldn't open X11 display"

I also get the same error when I try to execute a lot of other programs, many of them not my own. It seems that the error is not caused by using SDL_Mixer either, as some pure graphics demos without any audio functionality also give me this message, and when I removed all audio features from my program to try to isolate the issue it still gave that error upon execution.

I tried to recompile the base SDL package as well, but that had no effect that I could notice.