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Thread: Boot Failure

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    Boot Failure

    Hello. I've downloaded and burned Slackware13.37 but can't seem to get my system to boot it. I tested it with a different machine and it boots fine, but my computer can't seem to find the disc drive or read the media because after the Bios screen I just get a blinking cursor. Before that, I was getting "DISK BOOT FAILURE." It can't be the drive because I'm currently running a Funtoo Linux liveCD. Any ideas?

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    Just guessing here, but maybe your drive doesn't like the media if the disk boots fine on another machine. Some drives can be picky about the quality of the media used, so you could try another brand of media, or try burning the disk again to see if your drive likes that particular disk better. Another option would be to substitute the drive with another one to see if that works.

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    I got it worked out. Thanks for the reply.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Barclay View Post
    I got it worked out. Thanks for the reply.
    For the benefit of others, tell us how you worked it out. Thanks.

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    Well I was burning it to a DVD because I wanted 64bit, and someone suggested I try CDs. I did, and it worked fine. My DVD drive is good so I'm assuming it has to do with what you mentioned, probably the media. Thanks for the help.

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