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    Missing lilo.conf and kernel panic

    Hi. I installed slackware on my laptop. I partitioned the disk with fdisk and set swap as (82) before the setup, ran the setup, selected the root partiton and the mount point /home. I've chosen to install lilo on root (somehow i feel safer like this) but after restart, it said "missing OS". Ok, i booted from dvd, mounted /dev/sda2 (root) part to /mnt and runned liloconf. There, i installed lilo on mbr. The bootloader works but at bootup gives me kernel panic and it says that it can't find the root partition (0,0). Moreover, i can't find lilo.conf in /etc. What's the problem?

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    Well, it's been quite a while since I have used LILO as a boot-loader, but one thing I notice immediately is the fact that you state your root ('/') is /dev/sda2, but the bootloader is looking for the root partition at hd(0,0) which would be the first drive, first partition. So, the questions become:
    1. What do you have on the first partition of the drive? Does it have the kernel you are loading?
    2. If your first partition *is* your /boot partition, does it have a copy of the lilo.conf in there?
    3. If there is a lilo.conf in the boot partition, where is it pointing for the root partition? [From what you were saying above, it should be pointing at hd(0,1).]

    HTH. Let us know.

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    image=/boot/vmlinuz-2.x.x label=linux root=/dev/sda2 read-only

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    Try booting the cd, mounting sda2 to /mnt , set up your lilo.conf file (look at the boot cd's lilo.conf) and run:
    chroot /mnt lilo -v
    Lots of luck.

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