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    error loading cdrom

    Hello all, I got an problem loading my cdrom after install of slackware 10

    i just go a new laptop, and didnt even boot it, i just loaded slackware on it, installed fine. the desktop and all apps installed correctly, it seems like sounds is working fine also

    I could not test it. When i loaded a cdrom, the machine acted like it ran it, but when I go to mount /dev/cdrom or the device iteself I get an error
    IO error,

    any ideas. I rebooted the pc, made sure i was not in the directory, tried to mount to /mnt/cdrom. But no cigar.

    any ideas?


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    Can you post the exact statement you are executing as well as the exact error message?
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    in slackware you have to be root to access the cdrom
    su -
    mount /mnt/cdrom

    cd /mnt/cdrom
    <should have contents>

    Hope this helps
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    rather than using the /dev/cdrom have you tried the local defaults

    for example on _most_ laptops you will have /dev/hdc = cdrom drive.

    Personally on my NX7000 HP I have to use mount /dev/scd0 because I use the IDE-SCSI functionality so that I can use the burning functionality of the drive. That works all the time. I have not used /dev/cdrom though.


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