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    Crossover Office IE

    Hi I just wanted to share this story. I installed Crossover Office on my slackware box. It installed easily and works great. I have a legal copy of Office 2k pro. So I installed that. It is pretty funny because it makes a virtual c: drive. Here is what I found out. office 2k pro comes with IE 5 and this installs with all of the other components. Once it installs it automatically goes to windows update and asks to update IE to 6.1 or whatever the latest is. So I do it "what the Hell right? " So I have been playing with this, and it reminded me of why I left windows in the first place. When you install windows in your linux you still have to reboot. You reboot your virtual drive not your actual computer. But I think I have virtually rebooted more times in office than I have total on the machine hehe. But now comes the crazy part. If you use IE then you get that awesome popup problem we all left IE for then first place. What I am saying is if you are a Linux user and you think you miss IE forget it. It is not different on Linux. Now I need SpyBot S&D for my virtual c: hehe
    It is kind of cool having word and ppt. but definitely not worth the money by the time you buy Crossover and Office it is not worth the benifit of it. Open Office has a few quirks, but you can't beat the price.

    Thought that was a funny story; just wanted to share that.

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    Re: Crossover Office IE

    Quote Originally Posted by adrenaline
    Now I need SpyBot S&D for my virtual c: hehe
    all I say is w0w! wine is even bug-pro-bug -- or is it feature-pro-feature? :P -- compabiliant!!! (iirc I've seen some debate over some 4GB bug, and wether to emulate the bug or not in the wine code
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    I've done that too... (Except I didn't install IE) I had a feeling the pop-up problem would persist even if it was running in a fake windows environment. Of course, I was unable to install Office 2000, but I successfully installed the old 97 version . . . which works fine too... Only problem I encountered, Outlook does not function....
    I wonder if yours worked adrenaline......

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