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    Slackware 13.37 running samba share using active directory integration

    Ok. I am sure most of us fall into the budget cuts for the next fiscal year and are trying to accompish the same things with less money. Which leads me to my question.

    I have been researching for awhile a good distro that would run Samba and integrate into an Active Directory environment so I can use Active Directory Groups or Users with Samba shares. I was curious if anybody could help me out or point me into the right direction to get this up and running.

    I am running Slackware 13.37 full install on a KVM (Ubuntu Server) as a guest Operating System. I would like to do everything via command line. I simply choose the full-install since I am a newbie..

    Would greatlly appreciate any help. From what I have been reading online Slackware is the most UNIX like O/S not to mention it has great computer forensic uses.

    So anybody have a link or post that would walk me through Creating a Samba share setup to Use Active Directory Authentication? How do I join the Domain etc...?

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    Perhaps these will help:

    Chapter*7.*Adding Domain Member Servers and Clients
    Samba 3 and joining Active Directory

    Samba & Active Directory - SambaWiki:
    To connect Linux(specifically RHEL) To Active Directory, you must have Kerberos (krb5), Winbind and Samba installed. Samba must be newer than 3.08, or it doesn't work.

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