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    I cant login after installation

    I'm a total newb.

    I have reinstalled slackware 3 times and I get always the same problem. When I try to login as root after installation and reboot I get this:

    darkstar login: root
    Linux 2.4.26.
    You have new mail.

    Welcome to Linux 2.4.26 (tty1)

    darkstar login: (again ask me for login.. and again, and again..)

    When I login as root with wrong password it just says "Login incorrect.", so I'm sure that my password for root is ok and slackware recognize my password.

    I found solution about this problem, but i dont know how to do it. Well, I found this:
    Boot of your CD (rescue-mode ;}) and mount the linux-partition with /etc read-/ writeable and just edit /etc/passwd /etc/shadow to be passwordless for root...

    Can someone help me to do this (may be just to write comms and steps that I must do), or just a solution for my problem if this will not work?


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    boot from you rescue cd (#2). then
    mount /dev/hda1 /mnt
    or hda2 or whatever you installed slackware on
    cd /mnt/etc/
    then use vi or pico to edit those files however you need

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    Well, I fix it..

    If someone have the same problem, can fix it by adding more /root space (4GB is a nice idea for "full" install) and reinstall.

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