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    error installing perl - c compiler not working

    hi, everybody!

    i have been trying to install perl on slackware v10.

    after doing the following:

    root@zipslack:~# gzip -d perl-5.8.1.tar.gz [ENTER]

    root@zipslack:~# cp -i perl-5.8.1.tar /usr/src [ENTER]

    root@zipslack:~# cd /usr/src [ENTER]

    root@zipslack:/usr/src# tar xvf perl-5.8.1.tar [ENTER]

    root@zipslack:/usr/src# cd perl-5.8.1 [ENTER]

    root@zipslack:/usr/src/perl-5.8.1# rm -f [ENTER]

    root@zipslack:/usr/src/perl-5.8.1# sh Configure [ENTER]

    ... I get the following error:

    "... the C compiler 'cc' doesn't seem to be working. You need to find a working C compiler."

    i already checked my installation of gcc. looks fine after i ran "gcc -v".

    i can install using an slackware package but i want to install/compile from a compressed archive. :)

    thanks in advance!

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    Find the path to gcc, usually /usr/bin/gcc. Do this with 'which gcc'. Then set the variable to the path to gcc, like this 'CC=path'. Then try again.

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    dependency problems

    hi, valan. thanks for the suggestion. tried it but no luck.

    anyway, i suspected that the problem is with dependencies. to remedy this, i re-installed make. in addition, i installed binutils and kernel-headers. the source did compile thereafter.

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    Did you install the full Glibc package or just the so-libs. You'll need the full version. It's in the slackware/l dir on your installation CD/dir
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    Install the gcc package from the cd.

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    ok now

    it is ok now. perl is installed.

    glibc files (i.e., glibc, glib and glib2) are installed. i got them from the slackware website and installed them on the zipslack installation, which i transferred from a windows partition to its own (linux) partition.

    gcc is installed the same way.

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