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    Problem with firefox

    Hello, I`m kinda new to Slackware, and I`m having trouble when opening firefox. When I run it from the "run" window it opens and then crashes after 10 seconds, this is probably the firefox I got with slackpg. However, when I run it from the terminal, it works perfectly, and this leads me to believe that I have two versions of firefox installed, but I can`t figure out anything beyond that. I`m a real newbie that read all the documentation I could, but still can`t figure out what`s going wrong.

    Any tips?

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    see if your theory about multiple version of firefox is correct first. in a terminal window try:

    which firefox
    whereis firefox
    once you know full paths, you can do this to get version info:

    firefox -version

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    which firefox
     whereis firefox
    firefox: /usr/bin/firefox /usr/X11R6/bin/firefox /usr/bin/X11/firefox /usr/X11/bin/firefox
     bash-4.1$ firefox -version
    Mozilla Firefox 14.0.1
    what do I do now? I mean, I`d like to run the version I downloaded from their official website, but it can`t figure out how, since if I try to run it from the "run" window it opens the one I got from slackpkg.

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    which is the one you downloaded from their website, do you know? i'm not familiar with SLackware, but maybe if you make up whatever /usr/bin/firefox is and replace it with a symlink pointing to the one you want, that would work.

    but your "firefox -version" command makes me think you've got the right one in /usr/bin/firefox already. maybe try backing up the other ones temporarily (provided they are not symlinks pointing to /usr/bin/firefox). e.g.:

    mv /usr/bin/X11/firefox /usr/bin/X11/firefox.bak

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    If you happen to have FF14 from a slackpkg update && slackpkg upgrade-all for a system update, then you have the version from the official repos. The DL from the Mozilla site isn't needed, and might cause some issues with run-time plug-ins.

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    It seems that I have only one version from slackpkg. However, the problem persists: if I run it through the terminal, it works perfectly, but if I run it from the "run command" window, it crashes after 10 seconds approximately. In addition, when I re-open them, each one tries to restore a different session (group of tabs), that`s why I thought it wasn`t the same instalation. Funny...

    Any ideas?

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