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I think it's to be <?php echo phpinfo(); ?>
<? phpinfo(); ?> works too...

LoL, u'll laugh a big one about my stupidity.

First time I tried to set it in Slackware I added the lines of php support to the httpd.conf AND changed the port to 2002.

It didn't work because in Slackware you only need to uncomment the
"Include /etc/apache/mod_php.conf"
so, I copied the httpd.conf.default to httpd.conf and uncommented the above line AND DIDN'T CHANGE THE PORT TO 2002. So I was only seeing the cache page over and over.

Just found it now, cause finally the firefox throw out the cache page and it was saying page not found even if apache is running. Change the port again, and now it is fine.

Sorry about this....