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Thread: kernel 2.6

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    Quote Originally Posted by puntmuts
    2.6.7 isn't exactly the latest kernel 2.6.10 is the latest 2.6 kernel, 2.4.28 the latest 2.4 kernel at the moment. If you do not have a good reason to upgrade to 2.6 kernel I would not advice you to upgrade to a 2.6 kernel, because there are still issues with it.

    But if you still want to upgrade to 2.6 kernel grab the latest vanilla source on and compile it from scratch using a HOWTO.
    I have been using 2.6.x since before it was the standard branch. I have had no problems with it at all until recently when I tried to burn some cds. Beyond that the performance with 2.6.x is much greater on my servers and the stability has been great. but as they said.. there are bugs and if you want to burn cds thats a big one..

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    Re: lost nic

    Quote Originally Posted by netshogun
    well, I lost my nic too. I ran netconfig and it did not prompt me for ip address changes only hostname and domain. I want to get the wireless portion running working on it - but it have a d-link 650w which is a pice of sh, do you think netgear will run? I can get one of those for 20$.
    I am running a netgear card on my laptop it runs fine but it is older when it was still netgear. The new netgears are cisco's and I haven't had much luck with those (Different chipset) I also am running an orinoco silver and it is working good and also has provisions for an external antenna.
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    setup and use of 2.6.9 customs

    Hello to all you people nice to meat you all.
    I run custom kernels in slackware allways have sine 2.2.4 now on 2.6.9-01 ie my first attempt running 2.6.9 very stable & fast. been using 2.6 for a while had problems to overcome then started using the mkintrd after building custom kernel. and using the README.intrd. You will still need to compile a custtom kernel on command line. uncompress 2.6.9.tar.gz to /usr/src rm linux lnk then ln -s linux-2.6.9 linux , cd to linux and make mrproper, make xconfig or gconfig for gnome users edit the default config to youre hardware specifics save, make oldconfig checks optios for you then, make compiles kernel, make modules_install, to install modules cat arch/i386/boot/bzImage > /boot/vmlinuz-2.6.9-01 cp .config /boot/config-2.6.9-01 all I do then is add boot lines to lilo.conf from README.initrd and edit acordingly

    # Linux bootable partition config begins
    image = /boot/vmlinuz-nebula-2.6.9-01
    initrd = /boot/initrd.gz
    root = /dev/hda1
    label = Linux269
    read-only #non umsdos partitions should be mounted read-only for checking

    allways leave yourself a way to boot your old kernel ie

    image = /boot/vmlinuz-ide-2.4.26
    root = /dev/hda1
    label = LinuxOLD
    read-only # Non-UMSDOS filesystems should be mounted read-only for checking
    the default kernel in slackware-10.0 will detect all hardware but may need to re add nvidia drivers if it goes up the creak
    never use init 5 when booting new kernels safest with 3 till you now it works
    hope this is usefull
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    USB is much better in 2.6. With 2.4, I had lots of usb trouble with my keyboard and mouse, and the framebuffer had a few problems with my video, too. 2.6, everything works perfectly. Even my onboard sound, but I didn't try to set that up with 2.4. Even though it's pos sound and gets distorted, it still works

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    I've had nothing but problems from 2.4, namely that it's just too out of date. 2.6 has been around awhile now, and it's quite stable and runs fine. The only reason I'd even think about running 2.4 is for compatibility with some binary-only modem driver, and even then I'd get a minimal system and use it as a gateway for the wireless and connect the main system with 2.6 through it.

    EDIT: Added this:
    SamW: You don't need to "mkinitrd" if you compiled support for the root filesystem type into the kernel instead of as a module. For example, if the root filesystem is ext3, make sure you compile it into the kernel. I don't use and initrd file, and the system works fine. For that matter, compile everything that you are SURE you will use all the time, especially hardware drivers, into the kernel. Not only will this make it slightly faster, it makes a lot things work better too. (I couldn't even get DMA acceleration if I compiled support for my motherboard's chipset as a module).
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