Hello everyone!

I am trying to do a jukebox thing using slackware as my server with an index.php, .mp3 file and a .py file to run things without 3rd party packages as much as possible.

What I got working is using html5 to capture a stream from the pi and that works. Now I am having super difficulties
getting a button click on a php page to trigger a mp3 file to play off the pi directly which is connected to some speakers, sort of a jukebox effect.

I have a php page that loads ok.
Trouble is I am trying to execute a .py file to play a song, which if you run it from the terminal evoking the script
it then cranks out the song
#!/user/bin/env python --> wonder if this right/
import pygame

while pygame.mixer.music.get_busy()==True:

my php file that I run has an exec method that works if you just execute a test or something basic, but
doesn't execute song with command in my index.php file

exec('sudo python /var/www/do.py')
I have tried adding in all access to sudoers in /etc... file, did sudo chown -R on the var/www/index.php file, (btw yes my.mp3 is in same folder).
Also tried checking if cgi works, adding directives to apache2.conf, put couldn't get the cgi working when testing with basic .py, .cgi page. Looks like the cgi-bin folder was added to var/www path as that was the code I put into the conf file, but still that doesn't do anything for me.

Any suggestions would be extremely appreciated.

Thanks much!