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    Trouble booting slackware with linux mint HELP :)

    Okay, bootloaders are a new thing for me kinda This is what I wish to do:

    I wish to have Slackware 14.1, Mint 17, and Windows 8.1 all installed to my 1TB harddrive on seperate partitions. I made a new partition table with gdisk.

    One EFI boot partition, one swap partition that I will use for both linux distros, one large partition that I will mount on each partition at /shr (i plan to chown the directories there to be accessible to certain users on BOTH distros .. is this a good idea?), another big partition for windows, and an extra partition left over for any other distros i might want to install in the future.

    Here is my partitions:
    Number Start (sector) End (sector) Size Code Name
    1 2048 526335 256.0 MiB EF02 EFI System
    2 526336 21497855 10.0 GiB 8200 Linux swap
    3 21497856 105383935 40.0 GiB 8300 Linux filesystem
    4 105383936 210241357 50.0 GiB 8300 Linux filesystem
    5 210241536 1049102335 400.0 GiB 8300 Linux filesystem
    6 1049102336 1258817535 100.0 GiB 8300 Linux filesystem
    7 1258817536 1953523711 331.3 GiB 0700 Basic data partition
    The main trouble I am having is getting them to boot. How can I install a bootloader (grub?) to boot these. Please help. I have not installed windows 8 yet.


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    Well, if you do install Windows (any version), it will blow away your other systems. To multi-boot/dual-boot Windows and Linux, you need to install Windows first, and then your Linux system(s). In any case, I strongly recommend against multiple boot images unless you REALLY need direct access to the system hardware by your other operating systems. Virtual machines are MUCH more reliable and not prone to such issues as you are encountering, or are likely to encounter. That's what I do (including running Solaris and QNX as guest operating systems), without problems of any sort. FWIW, I also develop Solaris kernel modules in the virtual machine (not hardware drivers, obviously).
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    okay thanks. I zapped that partition table and started over with a new windows 8 ISO and let the windows setup create the partitions it needed. Then I installed mint which went okay, and now i'm installing slackware currently. Just waiting for it to finish.

    I'm hoping for the best

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