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    slackware 14.2+ still freezing at random

    HI Slackies,
    a while ago when Slackware14.2 came out i updated from 14.1 and found that the new distro froze at random times. I thought it was some major bug and retrieved back to 14.1 as I didnt have much time to deal with the issue.
    More than 1yr and plenty of development going on from behind the scene (for which I am always thankful) and decided to try it again with Slackware14.2 current.
    At my first startx within a few seconds i was welcomed again with a complete system stall (nothing worked) and had to hard-restart the pc.
    Tried all night and this morning and I am still greeted with random system freezes.
    I never thought that a linux kernel could do that (never happened in about 15yrs of using slackware)
    Is it my Hardware? is the new kernel buggy? anyone else experiencing this? (i remember reading a thread of something exactly like this on a linux forum, but i can't find it again to read the solution, if any)
    2 dbl Xeon processor x5450 at 3GHz each
    nVidia Geforce GTX550 ti (no proprietary drivers installed)
    dual boot, Slackware/Windows

    Any suggestions welcomed

    p.s.: I have been reading and browsing through google forums and various help threads, like mad and it seems that it could be caused by nouveau generic drivers. Anyone with tech knowledge about nvidia drivers on Slack current? Thanks (it keeps on freezing so randomly that I had enough and booted windows to post this addition)
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    HI again,
    I found the thread posted in 2016 hoping to find a solution after two yrs, but all i found was a few members ranting on bla bla bla, and no solution posted.
    I have a further question: has any Linux tech/long-term user, ever felt that they knew roughly what goes wrong with their box as soon as it does? almost like diagnosing a disease on a patient?
    Well for some reason, I had a feeling that the issue was caused by some conflict in the graphics department and after many hrs spent searching around I tried a therapy (differential diagnosis); well it has been over 1hr that I am using slackware current, with several windows open, included firefox, console running an sbopkg install, a KDisk -Utility, etc... and it seems that the 'random freeze' has stopped.
    What did i do?
    I permanently disabled noeveau video accelerator by adding a file in /etc/X11/xorg.vesa.d/disable-gpu.conf and edited:
    Section "Extensions"
    Option "GLX" "Disable"
    Now, I am not sure it will keep up and whether, or not, slackware will freeze again as soon as i post this reply but for now I will keep the post opened/unsolved and keep you updated.
    And, on a different note, should this be the solution, I would like someone to point me to the drivers and a detailed how-to document the install process of the nVidia GeForce GTX550ti graphic card.

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    Ok Folks,
    it seems confirmed! 24hrs and not a single system freeze.
    So, it seems that noeveau modules and nVidia GeForce GTX550ti really do NOT marry at all (frustrating cos it has worked brilliantly for almost a decade! with this card; wonder if noeveau, or XOrg has changed something).
    Anyway I will mark this post as solved and will probably open another one soon after I try to install the proprietary nVidia drivers (surely the process will not go smoothly! "it's the reason I fell in love with slackware)


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