Hi everyone!


I'm running Slackware 10.0 on kernel 2.4.26 (with sound support enabled as module)

I went to sourceforge to get the latest drivers for my audigy 2 soundcard (6.1 speakers).

Guess I opted for the OSS way... Am I right?

I downloaded emu10k1-v0.20a and also the emu-tools-0.9.4

I managed to install both by following the instructions provided.

Then I "modprobed" the module:

# modprobe emu10k1

And these were the sound related modules loaded into the kernel:

# lsmod

I also run the "audigy-script" provided with emu-tools to configure it directly for my sound card.

I opened xmms to play some tune and nothing...! I also checked aumix for muted items but everything was ok.

I can see that the file is playing but there is no sound and also any error message.

It's a PCI sound card and is recognized when I run the command lspci

The connections are ok since the sound works on windows.

What I am doin wrong? What's missing? Need help, thanks!