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    help getting started.

    i`m looking to get into linux. i have downloaded all of the packages, bareacpi.i (going on a laptop), install.1, and install.2

    is there anything else i need to download? also how do i break these up into cds i`m guessing it will take 2 or 3 cds to fit all of these files. thanks.

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    i think you're gonna want to download single iso files instead of the individual files. for slackware, you'll want these two iso image files:
    which you'll burn as 2 separate cds.

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    also how do i break these up into cds i`m guessing it will take 2 or 3 cds to fit all of these files. thanks.
    NO! u dont do anything to the files you simply burn them as ISO's and that will give you a bootable cd (atleast on the first one)
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    so i don`t need all of these packages and files for a boot and root floppy? i just need to burn those two iso files and run them?

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    Simply burn these two ISO files in two CD-ROMs like sether said.

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    If your computer is able to boot from CD burning the two ISO's will be sufficient. All the packages are included, except for the source and probably some /extra stuff which you can download and install later if you want it.

    However, there a couple of fixes for Slackware. You'll need to install those after you installed your CD's . These updates are in the slackware-<version>/patches/packages dir on the Slackware FTP server or mirror.

    At the moment there are problems and it looks like Slackware stable is not updated for security for the time being. Let's hope Pat will release those soon.
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