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    New slack, is it worth the upgrade?

    I've got Slack 10 running almost perfect now(Only had it running about 2 weeks, but I'm a noob pretty much) so I wont loose anything really. But I had to do alot of stuff to get it where I wanted it on my laptop. Anyway, does the new slack's sound work right out of the box? Thats the only thing I haven't gotten fixed so far. I know what the problem is(software mixer isnt setup/setup right) so only one app can access sound at a time. However, if re-installing Slack 10.1 will fix this I would happily do it.
    Also, what actuall functionality do you get out of kernel 2.6.X over 2.4.X? And how do you select that one on install instead of 2.4.X(all the kernel's were named, not with version numbers when I installed 10.0. Do I need to download the source disks to get that version of the kernel and select it on install?

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    I don't know what Slack supports out of the box, only used it once or twice, really liked it.

    The advantages of 2.6.x over 2.4.x is that 2.6.x development is still going strong. I know that they are still posting new 2.4 tarballs over at, but 2.6 is the latest release kernel series, and it has support for the most number of devices, etc. The 2.6.x also has an improved way of compiling/installing the kernel. For example, on a 2.4 kernel, you need to do the following (if you aren't gonna configure grub/lilo manually that is):
    make dep
    make bzImage
    make install
    make modules
    make modules_install
    cp /boot/
    whereas on 2.6.x:
    make && make install
    make modules && make modules_install

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    In addition, the new Slack provides newer verisons of some major desktop enviroments, namely kde3.3 and xfce4.2. In general, an update is always a good idea to keep yourself on the cutting edge of security and device support.
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