To set my mouse speed in slackware should I be setting my xorg.conf (which value, didn't see what to change in the manual, there was one value but it said it was for ps/2 mice, and mine is USB)

Or should I be using "xset m [accel_mult[/accel_div] [threshold]]"?

My mouse seems to be moving really fast, I think the acceleration is at or close to an acceptable value, but the normal speed is way too fast. What do I change to do that? It says my current xset settings are
$xset q don't care about...
Pointer Control:
acceleration: 2/1 threshold: 4 don't care about....
1) Should I be using xorg.conf or xset? (xset m only seems to apply to acceleration... not regular speed.)

2) Then, how do I slow my mouse default speed down? (The acceleration speed seems okay) Do I change