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    Proftpd -- logon issue

    im kinda a linux newbie, but i managed to get all my dhcp, network, and apache. anyway, this box is going to be solely a webserver, and like i said i have apache configed perfectly (dns and all), but i cant get the FTP server daemon to work.

    it accepts telnet connections, so im sure the service is running (i checked). but then when i try to log in using the 'ftp localhost' command and then typing the username and password it doesnt work! (incorrect login)

    i setup the user using 'kuser' (a user manager in KDE) and im pretty sure i didn everything right. i made a new group called ftp, and a new user called bobby and put 'bobby' in group 'ftp'.

    i also set the server config file to user: bobby and group: ftp. not sure if thats right or not.

    im considering finding a diffrent daemon. ive looked at vsftp, but its the same thing basicly. Does anyone know of a GUI based FTP server for slack?? That would be AWESOME. Major kudos to anyone that can give me a link to one.

    any and all help GREATLY appreciated

    thanks a ton

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    You would never find a gui-based ftpd but vsftpd is a very good daemon it is a lot faster then proftpd

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