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    I finally installed Slackware 10.1 but now I have a problem


    Can anybody could please help me to connect to the internet, I have no idea how to setup my network on slackware, for other distros I always used DCHP so I could automatically connect to the internet.

    Thanks in advanced.

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    Try one of the following to configure your interface via DHCP:

    dhclient eth0
    dhcpcd eth0
    pump eth0
    One of these commands should be present on your system.
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    You need to run netconfig. Answer the questions(hostname, domaine and dhcp) and accept.
    netconfig should have run during the post-install configuration. It is possible to by-pass it by mistake. Just boot, log in as root and run it again.
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    Thank you very much for helping me , 1 more question


    First of all, thanks all you guys for helping meout , now I can bring up my network by usin {dhcpcd eth1} but is there a way for this to start Automatically when the computer starts, so I wont have be typing {dhcpcd eth1} every time I want to use the Internet.

    Thank You.

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    dhcpcd -d eth1
    that should give you a lease on eth1 from dhcp, the default is usually eth0 which is probally why you're having problems

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