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    Forcing fsck on / at boot?? wise?? possible??

    I have noticed at boot my partions for /home etc etc are checked, / is not.

    Im usuing resierfs, and am rather clueless about it.

    Is this possible??

    If so, is it wise?

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    What do you mean if its wise? I am sure you can always check it yourself using the fsck tools?

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    I get this when I try:

    root@Jupiter:~# fsck.reiserfs /dev/hda2
    reiserfsck 3.6.18 (2003
    ** If you are using the latest reiserfsprogs and  it fails **
    ** please  email bug reports to, **
    ** providing  as  much  information  as  possible --  your **
    ** hardware,  kernel,  patches,  settings,  all reiserfsck **
    ** messages  (including version),  the reiserfsck logfile, **
    ** check  the  syslog file  for  any  related information. **
    ** If you would like advice on using this program, support **
    ** is available  for $25 at **
    Will read-only check consistency of the filesystem on /dev/hda2
    Will put log info to 'stdout'
    Do you want to run this program?[N/Yes] (note need to type Yes if you do):Yes
    reiserfsck --check started at Sun Feb 20 14:08:13 2005
    Partition /dev/hda2 is mounted with write permissions, cannot check it


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    You could run fsck on boot, but you really don't need it with Reiser. All it would do is make boot take longer. To do it, just change the last field in /etc/fstab for the partition from 0 to a 1 (for /) or a 2 (for other partitions). See man page for fstab to learn more about it.

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