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    Re: i810

    Quote Originally Posted by Lotharjade
    Do you mean the horizontal and Vertical refresh rates??? I have the same problem as above.
    yes i do, HorizSync & VertRefresh, just put a # before them to comment the values out, it's called commenting as in programming it's used to make comments about the code without the comment being treated as if it were actual code, very usefull if you plan to debug the code later or give it to the open source community.
    just a bit of info there for you in case you didn't know

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    Your explanations and suggestions are right on..
    thank you so much.

    There's something else I'd like to ask about (I'm
    back in Vector Linux now because I still can't
    get things working well in Slackware.. however
    I want to pick my way through it all until I get
    Slackware 10 up and running just as reliable
    and pretty as Vector):

    Simple question.. when you do the install, with
    the Slackware disk in your CDROM drive, can
    you list in here the order of installation every-
    thing is supposed to be done? I have been
    going around in circles on a machine that is
    just like this one.. I'll get to the screen that says
    for me to pick whether to set up the "target
    partition" or the swap etc.. I'll select the source
    media one and it can't find the CDROM! So I
    go back and select partitioning and it does that,
    and then it DOES find the CDROM but reports
    no partitions have been selected for the
    installation and want me to select the source
    media again!


    -- Jerry

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    since vector linux is a derivative of slackware and works properly on your machine you could try to copy over the xorg.conf file from your vector install and using it in the slackware install. I had to do this with a few of the settings on slackware bc i kept locking up with certain setups, such as xorgconfig and alsamixer. If you don't want to change out drives to do this you can always have your slack drive in and boot from a live cd, slax is a live version of slackware. If you go into slack and give a folder that anyone has permissions to you can copy over the xorg.conf file from slax to that directory and when you boot into slackware at the cl you can mv it from that folder to /etc/X11, I think is where the xorg.conf file is. It will automatically back up the one you have and you should have no problem at all when you startx

    good luck
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    Hey! Whoa.. I just printed that post out.. now I'll
    duck out of here and start on all that.. I don't know
    why I didn't think of that.. afterall I've got Slackware
    working, it's just that it's behind Vector, in a way.. but
    the file system is the same, etc. .. /etc/X11, that

    Thanks again, I'll let you know how this comes out.

    -- Jerry

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    good luck man!
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    I haven't been able to make it happen.. the main
    problem I'm having is with the doggone install
    program not seeing the CDROM anymore. I can
    only get as far as formatting the hdd and then I
    am back in that loop I mentioned before.

    I switched out hard drives just to be sure that
    wasn't the problem..

    I'm going to purchase the 10.1 disks and try that..
    this has been 10 (which did install a lot farther
    before than it is now.. that's what puzzles me).

    Before I do that I'm going to attempt one more
    time, only this time I'll format the disks using
    another installation program from another distro,
    then I'll put the Slackware 10 disk back in and
    see if it proceeds.

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