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Thread: automatic logon

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    automatic logon


    Is it possible to have a user automatically logged in when the computer boots? I know there might be security issues and its not a great idea, but i wont use it for root... Thing is, i have a pc which i dont really want a monitor and keyboard for, and at the moment the only thing i use them for is to log on at the start, and unfortuanatly i cant have the pc running all the time.

    Any advice would be appriciated. Thanks.

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    sorry, one otherthing

    I was looking for a way of doing it without having to use a graphical login manager, i only have 64mb memory and so its not great! although if that is the only way, advice on how to set that up would be aprciaited.


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    I think you should be able to have /etc/rc.d/r.local call a script that would do it, but that is a guess
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    Yeah, thanks!

    Incase anyone else wants to do it,

    edit /etc/rc.d/rc.local

    and add the following lines:

    echo "auto login for username"
    cd /home/username
    su - username

    just replace username with the username u want logged in.

    Thanks for your help/

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    Just to let you know.

    You don't need to be logged in to run it without a keyboard and monitor. It will run services just fine not logged in at all
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