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    running a command when a user logs in


    I want to start a vncserver when a user logs in, if possible only a specific user (UID 1000).

    Ive tried a few things, but it seems to run every time i loggin, or start a terminal, or i end iup with lots of servers running...

    is there a file that gets run ONLY at login and not the other times?

    or how could i check if a vnc server is already running and if not start one?


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    It all depends on what. Usually you can edit your .xinitrc to do that. If you're using a graphical login manager (KDM, GDM, XDM) it will use the configuratioin file ~/.xsession

    If your using 'startx' to start you Window Manager, then ~/.xinitrc

    If you dont have either of the two you can make them. It's not that difficult. You can also write bash scripts to start programs at boot/login.

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