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    Re: shutdown wont power off

    Quote Originally Posted by pottibaer
    if you say
    modprobe apm
    then the module will be loaded, and then the pc powers off like you may be used to ...

    Then, edit (vi) the file


    and there you find a section like

    #### APM support ###
    # APM is a BIOS specification for saving power using several different
    # techniques. This is mostly useful for battery powered laptops.
    #/sbin/modprobe apm
    Just remove the #-sign in front of the line
    #/sbin/modprobe apm
    this worked for me, btw i use the command poweroff to shutdown my computer

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    cool, i'l give it a try like that.

    If i modprobe apm and then do shutdown -h tho, i get a segmenation fault after

    power down

    has been sent. but will try it with poweroff.


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    shutdown wont power off

    It is possible to use this command in Slackware:

    This will cause the system to 'KILL' (stop) all of the processes and it will shut down and restart. I hope this helps; I know in version 3.5 of Slackware (the version I am running), it works to restart the system. I had found trouble with the command:

    because it seems to present a list of options to me instead ofd shutting down the system.

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    try the
    shutdown -r
    to restart, and
    shutdown -h
    to halt the system.

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    i found in slackware 10.0, that reboot would restart automatically, but halt wouldn't.

    so i recompiled apm support, wouldn't work, recompiled with acpi, didn't work. While I had ACPI, i decided to type "dmesg" and it said something about acpi not being on and that i need to append "acpi=force" to my LILO. I did that and my computer has been shutdowning by itself EVER SINCE.

    That's why I asked you to do "dmesg | grep acpi"

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    Last time I used APM was in Slack 9.1, but I found it easiest to make sure APM was compiled in, then put modprobe apm into my rc.local.

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    If i modprobe apm and then shutdown -h 0, it shutsdown normally

    but after it has unmounted and done all its other stuff, i get a segmentation fault, as if there is a problem with apm?

    Anyway, it still dosnt power down, no matter what command i give it.

    im thinking maybe the kernel i have wont support apm, or acpi or just dosnt have it compiled, any ideas on how to check or change this?

    THanks for the support!

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    Thanks for the helpful post. That was bugging me for a while

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