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    Reconfigure Moniter - 10.1 (xf86config not found)

    Hello all,

    I recently installed Slackware 10.1 on my system at home. During the installation, I selected 1024x768 as a resolution to use, without realizing that this would be the maximum resolution I could set my desktop to once it was installed.

    I'd like to reconfigure Slackware to recognize my 19" NEC MultiSync moniter. I've done some searching, and everybody keeps saying to use xf86config and SuperProbe to reconfigure my display. However, it doesn't seem like xf86config is installed on my system. I've also tried Xconfigurator, which doesn't seem to be present either.

    I did however have some install errors, but they were from the Disc 2 ISO I burned and related to a couple of KDE packages. This wouldn't affect the installation of xf86config, would it?

    Well it looks like i found some more pertinant info on my problem. I'm at work right now (yes, on easter sunday) and had one more questoin. A lot of people talk about editing their xf86config files... the only thing I could find close to that on my system was xorg.conf in my /etc/X11 directory. Is this the same, or should I be modifying something else? Thanks again.


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    your distro has gone for the xorg version of XFree86, so the correct file is /etc/X11/xorg.conf .

    Check out

    man Xorg


    man xorg.conf

    on your own PC.


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    The tool that does the same as xf86config is xorgconfig.


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