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    Installing Slackware 10 on Array System

    I got a used Compaq Proliant 5500 with a SCSI Array System. I never, ever, have used a SCSI Array System, so I am really confused on how to install linux on it. So far I got one HD stuck in a 7HD Array. I have setup a logical partition using Compaq's Array Tools. Now What? How do I refer to the harddrive from linux. It does not see it as a SCSI hd. How do I work with Arrays in Linux. Any ideas??

    - Bogdan

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    I think is necessary to now the SCSI controller type. After that select and use the right kernel for your SCSI controller
    Read this, I hope will help you

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    Thank you. At first I was using adaptec.s image and I should have used the raid.s image. Over all it works now grate. For future reference to who ever looks at this thread here is what works to install Slack on a RAID system:

    1. Select raid.s at the boot as the kernel (type in 'raid.s' at the boot: )
    2. Partition the HD by 'cfdisk /dev/ida/c0d0' (c0d0 could be something different in your case)
    3. Precede with installation as when installing on a normal PC.

    - Bogdan

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