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    Gain root access to user

    Hi there,

    I am working on a small project, which i have to setup so that Slack is autologin to X The problem i have is, I can't setup autologin for root, but if i use a normal account for autologin it doesn't have enough superuser access to run command such as: mount ... etc. Is there away to get around this??

    thanks in advance

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    are you using, xdm, gdm, kdm...?
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    It's NOT A GOOD IDEA to log in as root. Repeat: NOT A GOOD IDEA!!
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    Vergil83, thanks for helping, i'm using GDM.

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    I agree with flatline, try never to log in as root. However, this is how you do it
    run gdmsetup (somewhere in a menu or from the cl), then under the secruity tab, check allow root logins...

    however, the better solution is to run as a normal user. What are you trying to mount?
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