i get this error while trying to start MYSQL. i have gone to a previous post about similar subject and didn't get much help there so i'm reposting this with its own topic.

root@ServerBox:/usr/bin# Starting mysqld daemon with databases from /var/lib/mysql
STOPPING server from pid file /var/run/mysql/mysql.pid
050328 17:15:01 mysqld ended

When i try to fix it with

root@ServerBox:/usr/bin# mysql_install_db --user=mysql

I get

Neither host 'ServerBox' nor 'localhost' could not be looked up with
Please configure the 'hostname' command to return a correct hostname.
If you want to solve this at a later stage, restart this script with
the --force option

Please understand i'm fairly new to linux and i'm a moron.

when i try --force i still get the same issue. I have tried looking for /hw13/ the file i can't find it.

I used the help of this site http://www.washington.edu/computing/...l-install.html

I didn't know if that folder was spedific to what i used from that site. because i did make the /.my.cnf file but i can't find it any longer.
i Know i prlly screwed things up royally but can you guys help.
if there is anything else i can get you to help me plz post here or email here cooperjoshua@gmail.com or AIM me at Chumpzor i'll check back regulary thanks very much in advance.