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    Now this is just slick:

    There's a new version of Slax (the liveCD based on Slackware, of course): That's not what's so interesting, though...they have introduced Slax web. You save your settings online instead of on a floppy, usb stick, etc. You can "pull" your settings for any machine connected to the internet running Slax; I just think that's pretty nifty.

    More info:
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    That sounds sweet, but i doubt i would ever use it lol.
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    god that is sweet, I think I need to dl a new copy of slax
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    That is pretty kewl . And you reminded me to update it on my website :P

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    Minus, that is a cool website you have there.
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    Flatline, do you know if u can store docs that were originally on ur computer on the net as a temp measure?

    The reason i say this is, quite a lot of people ask me to fix their windows computers, often i just end up reinstalling then it runs faster aswell, so i boot a knoppix cd (atm) and copy any docs they need to a usb pen, could i copy them to the net if they not got a usb pen?
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    Cool. I'll have to get Slax.
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    sdousley There is a limit of 8MB per saved session. so unless your saving small text documents looks like youll have to keep that pen drive handy, although i have heard of a nifty program that turns a gmail account into a your own personal file server, it should be somewere on scource forge, maybe thats what your looking for?

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    Well, i was thinking about that for if i go someone's house that dont have a pen drive, but then i just remembered that i have my iriver

    and i KNOW that works in linux as i am yet to plug it into my computer running windows haha!
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    Wow, that online saving thing sounds pretty cool. It's good to know that Live-CD's are trying to allow some saving functions without touching the hard drive.

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