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    Welp, I fixed my initial problem of GRUB in big white letters in the top left hand corner of the screen everytime i tried to boot anything by reinstalling Lilo to the MBR but windows kept giving me grub error, or something, so i poped in the install disk did recovery "fixmbr" and now it boots fine. Only problem is when i installed slackware the HD was set as master and windows was set as slave, now when i boot up and Lilo asks me if i wish to choose windows or linux if i choose linux it boots slackware no problem. But if i choose windows it says "booting windows" and then does nothing, if i set the windows drive to master, or CS, then it boots, but i have no way of getting to the linux disk. Any suggestions?

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    Are you using two seperate drives, or is Windows and Slackware on the same drive in different partitions?
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    It sounds like you need to edit your lilo.conf file to correct the root entry for Windoze.

    Please post your lilo.conf, fstab, and exactly how you have your master and slave drives connected.

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