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    Crap I need help...

    Okay, I have a big problem here. I installed Slackware (on a drive with XP), and things got all messed up. I wanted to go into XP on bootup, but I got the autocheck not found warning, and it would reboot. Why did Slackware mess this up?
    So, I tried doing the recovery thing and running the FIXMBR command, but I would still get the "autocheck skipped" warning, and it would reboot. So, I ended up creating another small partition and reinstalling XP and that, so I could at least get internet access. So here I am. My first problem is, my original windows partition (C isn't showing up. Let me explain. When I boot off the cd, that original C is showing up as G. But, when I log in from my 2nd installation of XP (the one that works), there is no G, only C But it's the new C, not the old one with all my info on. Please help

    P.S. When I do boot off the cd and I look at the available partitions, my original C partition (which is now G has a label beside it that says "boot os/2 man"

    Is this hidden?

    Why can't I boot to my first installation of windows. and why did my original C change to G. And more importantly, why can't I access it?

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    Well it was fixable at first but now I would start over.
    install windows first do not format the part of the drive slackware is going to go on. When installing Slackware pick lilo simple then pick the mbr option. I think this option says possible unsafe or something but do it anyway
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