I have used free BSD for god only knows how long but i think ive grown out of that a bit and have desided to venture over to slackware, anyways..

I am having troubles with my monitors, i used to run Dual Monitors off the same card. It has 2 VGA inputs on the same card.. Its an nvidia geforce 2 5500 i believe, i know its a geforce, just not the exact model number.. anyways a long time ago i figured out how to enable dual monitors on it with free bsd, but now that i am on slackware, i cannot firgure it out.

currently it is showing the same thing on both monitors, nethertheless it is cool looking i really need to get the dual monitor feature working on it properly, if anyone has a link or something to help me, it would be much apprecheated. i googled it and couldnt find a thing.

thankyou for your help