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    Freezing on logout


    i'm having troubles with my Slackware 10.1. Havent found any similar topic, so i just set a new one.

    The problem is, that Slack freezes when logging out from graphical (i use KDE) to console interface and i'm forced to hard reset or turn off my pc.

    This problem happened suddendly, after no new hardware/software was installed, now it happens after every logout.

    Thx 4 ur help.

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    It's hard to say what causes this. Some guesses: Did you have a shutdown/reset recently where your filesystems weren't unmounted cleanly ? Could be some file was damaged.
    Try reinstalling KDE or X .
    Try closing all programs before exiting KDE and see what happens then.
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    How do you logout? If you do that by the old ctrl+alt+backspace, it may be dangerous, so, use the logout option in the menu, if the problem is not that, try posting the error log, so, we can know exatly what is happening, without it, we can only try, not really do help

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    As slith asked, how do you log out? have you tried init 3 (as root of course)? Are you sure the whole system has frozen or could it just be X is not loging out correctly causing virtual console 1 to crash. Have you tried switch to a different console uning the ALT + F2 or F3 or F4 keys.

    In order to really help we will need a little more info my friend
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    I always used "logout" option from the menu. I can only restart the computer if using the command "reboot" in run option (alt+F2), same for stopping it, otherwise it hangs (screen goes black and mouse pointer doesnt respond), it doesnt matter if i use command "startx" or "kdm" when logging in to graphical menu.

    What's "init 3"?
    Where do i get error log?

    (I'm a newbie in linux, so please excuse my uninitiation)

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    Are you able to use Alt+Ctrl+F1, Alt+F1, Alt+F2 after that?

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    Quote Originally Posted by eugrus
    Are you able to use Alt+Ctrl+F1, Alt+F1, Alt+F2 after that?
    No, nothing happens...

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