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    Scourge wrote:
    PostPosted: Today at 6:41 pm Post subject:
    retired1af wrote:
    Post the output of fdisk -l and the contents of your lilo.conf file. Smile


    /dev/hdd1 /
    /dev/hdd2 home
    /dev/hdd3 swap

    lilo.conf relevant parts:

    #append hdX=ide-scsi
    timeout 1
    boot = /dev/hdd1

    standard row / col


    label = Linux
    root = /dev/hdd1
    image = /boot/vmlinuz

    -- simple lilo configuration, could do it myself but it was more stable to use that and mobify it myself afterwards
    I take it that this is not your lilo.conf and output of fdisk -l.
    Most likely the error is somewhere in the lilo.conf file, so, if we could see the contents, we should be able to help you.
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    Use CODE tags when posting output of commands. Thank you.

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    Ok, I got it solved.

    The problem was in my /etc/lilo.conf

    When I installed Slackware, I used simple method to configure lilo.
    It makes it automatically, I was lazy.

    Lilo thought that my first disk (what usually is) the disk where I wanted to boot from.

    But in my case, it was the hdd1.

    so boot = /dev/hda1 was what was wrong.
    Fixed it to right disk and now it's working.

    I thought I had allready checked that..

    Anyway, thanks to everyone attempts to help me and so on.

    To other newbie Linux users I want to say: CHECK TWICE YOUR CONFIG FILES
    so you don't need to make yourself a clown. (Like I did)

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