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    Slackware 10 questions

    1. I have just installed Slackware 10 on a PIII 800MHz. I have set up the DNS server, Apache, but i have no clue how to set up a POP3 mail server. I would like to be able to send and receive from anywhere and from localhost(php).

    Can anyone help me ?

    2. The other issue is that i would like an antivirus to scan my incoming mails but i don't know any. Could someone tell me of a good antivirus ?

    3. The third and last thing i would like to set up a firewall. I would like to set it up by myself. From what i have read on the net I can make the firewall do whatever I want I just need to learn the code. Are there any good resources (simple to understand tutorials) about this subject.

    Thank you

    P.S. I haven't installed X because it doesn't start, so if anyone has an answer to the issues above, please keep this in mind.

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    smtp -> qmail (or sendmail /postfix)
    pop3 -> dovecot (it supports imap too)
    antivirus -> clamav
    anti-spam -> spamassassin

    The simplest firewall would be

    IPF='<path to>/iptables -t filter '
    STATE='-m state --state '
    $IPF -F
    $IPF -Z
    $IPF -X
    you can check the documentation and the fabulous tutorials/examples on the netfilter website.

    man iptables
    will also help you gain insight into this great firewall tool.

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    Thank you for answering but i don't know how to set up postfix or sendmail. Do you know ? (step by step like for children) ?

    I found some tutorials on the net but they all missed a few steps or something...

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    I prefer qmail . you can check the LifeWithQMail documentation. It is impeccably perfect.

    And you would find adequate documentation configuring qmail+spamassassin+clamav to configure a formidable mail system that would rarely let a spam or virusmail pass through.[/url]

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