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    Linux on my laptop

    I am new to the forums so sorry about my knowloge of it,

    I have recently switched over from windows to linux becuase was getting ged up with windows and i have put it on my desktop system but now want to install it on my IBM Thinkpad 760EL, i know what your thinking POS but its for school so it dosent really concern me, well my problem is that it doesnt boot off the internal cdrom that i have put in, can somone please help with installing linux on it, really i dont care which one perferably ubuntu, or Fedora but any will do, currently it has Windows 2000Pro, and reads the cd but cant install from it, please help, email me at thank u for your time.

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    Slackware is a great choice for Linux, but it may be a challenge for newbies if you are not able to do a full (or nearly full) install due to hardware limitations. If you have a floppy drive that you can boot to, Slackware has information on how to use floppies to boot and then get the files you need from the CD. You will need a boot disk and one or more root disks to boot. Read Slackware-HOWTO and then the README file in the bootdisks folder here. If you have an older computer with not much RAM and/or hard drive space, Slackware also has older kernels that you may find useful.

    Other distros often will also have ways of booting from a floppy for a CD install.
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    You may have your BIOS set to "boot off of harddrive first"....You can usally press "CTRL+ALT+DELETE" to get into the bios.....There are otherssuch as"TAB" and "F10" though. You then have too tell the BIOS to boot CDROM first. Hope this helps.
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