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Thread: Boot Error

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    Boot Error

    I have been trying to get Slackware v7 installed, I am currently running Win XP on a 20gb partition and have set aside another 20gb for linux, when I run setup everything is fine until I get to creating the boot disk in which I get this error (cp:/mnt/boot/*.b:No such file or directory) how rectify this problem and duel boot my system.
    Any help is much appreciated

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    why are u using slack7 ? you may have better luck with 10.1

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    Because I have a copy of V7 and not V10

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    Are you sure you need the boot disk? Try just installing lilo and configure it to boot windows and linux

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    If the set-up for 7 is similar to 8.0 and 8.1, you should be able to re-start the install just like you did before and then re-do whatever step you want to fix. Also, the first screen that you get when you re-start the installation routine, it will have instructions for starting your new Slackware by setting the location of the root partition. So that's one way of getting into your new system without installing LILO. Although installing a bootloader (Grub is my preference) is the best way of setting up a dual-boot system, lots of new users have run into problems installing and configuring a bootloader, sometimes resulting in losing their Windows system (often unnecessarily). If losing Windows would be a big problem for you, I'd suggest you use the install CD to boot into your system until you have learned how to either create the boot disk, which I think you can do by booting from the install CD, or how to install LILO (that comes with Slackware) or how to work with Grub.

    Only problem with working with version 7 is that you will have a harder time setting up certain things: newer versions generally have better tools, and there are more helpful people who are familiar with the newer versions. But if you just want to learn about Linux, there's nothing wrong with 7.
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