I have recently installed slackware 10.1 on my old amd 333 with 256 mb ram, got a 10 gig dive with a 256 mb swap and the rest mounted as root. It was running fine untill I started installing packages. I installed the dropline installer after I set up my ssh logins and my samba. When I did the dropline installer, it downloads the newest version of Gnome - I did not install gnome originally, had been using kde, had configured xorgconfig and kde was working alright, but I needed the GUI server configuration tools available in gnome. I think something went wrong during the install... I did the dropline while logged in via ssh at my windows box on putty.

Now, whenever I boot it drops me to a multiuser login prompt. I have 2 accounts, root and a user, but entering either at the login doesn't work. it does not ask for password, just says

Welcome to Linux 2.4.29 (ttyx) (x=1-6 excluding 5)

slackware10 login:

The strange thing is I CAN login via ssh as root. But if I try to do su to another user it says

root@slackware10:~# su mysql
Illegal instruction

i have checked securetty and ttys are enabled...

anybody have a suggestion?