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Thread: FTP Woes

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    FTP Woes

    I've tried and tried, searched and searched, and cannot find out how to get FTP working. It almost seems as if I'm the only one on earth with this problem, and it has become quite frustrating.

    Until February, I had been using old Slackware 9. I had everything working, Apache, MySQL, FTP, PHP... You name it. It wasn't until I upgraded to Slackware 10 (And 10.1) that I can't get the FTP to work. I had given up until recently, when I decided I REALLY wanted FTP again.

    The program is running of course, as I can log in as anonymous. However, if I try to log in as just a plain user, let's say I named it "people", I get:

    USER people
    331 Please specify the password.
    PASS xxxx
    530 Login incorrect.

    I've tried this with both ProFTPd and vsFTPd, and get the same 530 error. Both the username and password are DEFINATELY correct. I've gone through both configuration files (vsftpd.conf and proftpd.conf), played with ftpusers, inetd.conf... Nothing works (These are the only file configurations I see brought up in online forums). I'm no expert on Linux in any way... I'm just a casual user who wants Linux simply for better security for the everyday things I do, so my knowledge on what to do is very limited...

    Does anyone know what's wrong, or have any suggestions on what I can do to fix this? I'm willing to try anything, so if anyone has any thoughts on this, please respond. If you need any additional information, please ask and I'll post it right away.


    Problem solved. It was the way the users were being created, heh.

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    haha good Job Muras
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    Quote Originally Posted by Muras
    Problem solved. It was the way the users were being created, heh.
    I too am having this problem, and I too have had no luck with searching... does anybody know what the issue could be with the user creation? This post explains my problem exactly, but unfortunately, he didn't list the fix...


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    further research yeilds that I believe that he was talking about the user's shells being created correctly. as I am creating ftp users which have a null shell (they don't log in on a terminal), i added
    to my vsftpd.conf, and now all is well

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