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    A Complete and utter newbie + AR5212 (atheros wlan) = ??????

    ok, i am completely new to the linux os. I would inredibly like for anybody to give me instructions on how to get this card to work. I have the madcow er somthing ma jig, wireless tools, and i don't kno wat else i need. I wanna surf the internet in linux realllly bad. (windows boots too slow ) I am using a toshiba Satellite A60, atheros total 802.11 super G. thanx

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    I'm not sure if you've already given these a try, but check into ndiswrapper or madwifi. I've used ndiswrapper and it works fine, but I haven't used madwifi yet. Here's a link for ndiswrapper:

    Hope you get things worked out and good luck.

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    thanx, ill look into that. But, like i said , im a newbie. I do have a bunch of computers to test it on, but im 15 years old, i've almost mastered widows entirely, but this is new to me. like it was somewhat of a miracle that i even got it installed. ( 23 attemts ) Are there any good books on this stuff?


    P.S. This guy is really cool. -->

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    Good books, do a Google search for O'Reillys Linux.
    You can also go to they have a lot of info.
    If you want to learn more about linux take a linux journey
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    thanx again, any body think they could give me a walk through?

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    thanks to the person who wrote this page:
    This completely solved my problem. It's for slackware 9.1, but it's good enough. Now i am at my kitchen table typing away happily, stealing my neighbors T1 internet conectio, all because of that page (and the fact that my neighbors forgot to secure their router).


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