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Thread: Webcam setup

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    Webcam setup

    So I've got this ooold Creative Labs Parallel Port Video Blaster II webcam, and I'd like to get 'er working. Here's what I've tried so far. (Disclaimer: I don't know what I'm doing, so don't laugh at me!)

    * Plugging it in
    * recompiling kernel with modules for Parallel Port support, V4L, and all the CPiA drivers
    * booted new kernel
    * modprobe'd cpia_pp, which also loads cpia, parport and videodev.
    * installed xawtv and tried loading up webcam
    * got error messages about /dev/video0 not existing
    * checked in /dev and found that there really is no video0 device in there.
    * not known what to do from here.


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    I might not be completely up-to-date on this but as far as I'm concerned version of slackware (until the 10.0) do not support webcams - you might want to take a look at Google maybe some newer distro support webcams - I herad that gyach/package supports webcams but not sure on waht distro

    good luck
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