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    Kernel compilation error: kernel panic

    i am updating my kernel.
    I went through the compilation process w/o much of a hitch, added it to lilo, and booted...
    i first noticed the bootsplash didnt come up, and then it started scrolling in its normal way, until it came to this : "Kernel panic -not syncing: VFS: unable to mount root FS on unknown block (8.1)" and then it just froze.

    my FS is ext3 and im positive i included support for that in make xconfig.
    could it be init-tools or whatever?
    any ideas please post...

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    Ok check this:

    First ext3 uses JDB, is imperative to include it as well at least on the 2.4x kernels.
    Here is another thought, did you include the FS support as a module or as part of the kernel (try to include it in the kernel if you haven't).

    Now what kind of hd do you have IDE, SCSI, SATA? that might be the other thing

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    i have 2 hard drives... one is a windows IDE drive that came with the computer, and i have a 10gig SCSI hard drive slapped in there for linux.

    what is JDB?
    i didnt include that.
    i included my SCSI support in the kernel...
    please help

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    it happened again...i looked for JBD but i couldnt find it....
    i recompiled and i got the same exact error
    i got
    my scsi support
    my ide support
    my ext3 suppport
    i threw in ext2 and reiserfs.....why not
    i got my processor support

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