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    slax-popcorn-5.0.5.iso image to a USB

    how to install slax-popcorn-5.0.5.iso image to a USB pendrive to boot.

    please tell me how to write iso image to PEN drives from LINUX / WINDOW

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    IIRC, there is a separate image that you need to download for "embedded" usage, which is what I think you want for pendrive usage. If that is the case, then you just download the appropriate embedded image, unzip it and copy that onto your pendrive. From there you just run the "batch" file and you can use slax from any operating system.

    As to writing an iso image to a pen drive, I am unsure, so maybe someone else can help on that...
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    iso info

    I have the same question praveenkp. I haven't tried this, but I am reading up on it. It may hold some answers. You can also post on the slax forms.

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    Try to read this thread at the slax froum.

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    mounting iso

    You'll have to be root to do this or use su command.
    mount -o loop -t iso9660 filename.iso /mnt/iso
    From here you can copy all the files to a mounted usb drive. You'll have all the readme's and install files to browse thru.

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    here 1 simple thing

    make bootable CD from image
    boot with it.
    from desktop >home> slax installer>
    all are GUI

    we can select dev\sda\sda1_removable ( depends on the nos)

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    SLAX - Popcorn Edition v5.0.5: USB install by Flux

    Just about the only way to get the Popcorn edition on USB is the way FLUX posted it in one of the munthe posted link above. (Popcorn does not have the install scripts and the like as of yet.) I did the whole thing via Windows XP using IsoBuster and the Win32 version of Syslinux. Flux's post stated:


    I did the following for a installation to usb stick (installation like the SLAX-live-cd --- a real installation will work according to the HowTo of Tomas in forum/Howtos):

    Download the "syslinux" package (syslinux-xy.tar.gz) from the website - we need it later on.

    1. Boot SLAX from CD with inserted usb stick.
    2. Prepair the stick for your wishes (1 or 2 partitions) - I made a 128 MB primary FAT16 partition for SLAX (modified) and took the rest for a logical drive on a extended partition, also FAT16. This you can already do out of MS Windows before you boot SLAX or out of running SLAX with "cfdisk /dev/sda" and after reboot with "mkdosfs /dev/sda1" "mkdosfs /dev/sdaxy" and so on.
    3. Mount the stick - can be that it is mounted already - and do:
    4. "cd /boot"
    5. "cp -ra * /where_your_stick_is_mounted"
    6. "cd /where_your_stick_is_mounted/boot"
    7. "cp vmlinuz /where_your_stick_is_mounted"
    8. "cp initrd.gz /where_your_stick_is_mounted"
    9. "cp isolinux.cfg /where_your_stick_is_mounted/syslinux.cfg"
    10. "cd .."
    11. "mcedit syslinux.cfg"
    12. Here you have to remove "/boot" from the expression "/boot/vmlinuz" and "/boot/initrd.gz" so that it is "vmlinuz" and "initrd.gz". Save the changes and close the file.
    13. Extract the package syslinux to /tmp: "cd /tmp" and "tar xzvf syslinux-xy.tar.gz".
    14. "cd syslinux*/unix"
    15. "syslinux -s /dev/sda1"

    Now you can reboot and SLAX will boot from usb stick.

    Good luck,


    P. S.: At every time you can add modules to the mounted stick by copying them to "/boot/modules" ... after reboot they are integrated to your running system.


    The only thing I did different was that I opened the ISO image via IsoBuster and copied all the files to the USB drive and then did the rest via windows using the Win32 Syslinux.

    Rebooted with the USB and all ran fine.

    This is just about the only way to get the Popcorn edition working, in my experience.

    - IronHelixx

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