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Thread: New Problems

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    Another question... (Sorry )

    Can i open the console/shell while in GUI mode? And if so how?

    Thanks once again.

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    You can either go to the tty consoles with Ctrl+ALT+F1-F6 and then back to gui with Ctrl+Alt+F7 or within the GUI open something like xterm or rvtx which are all in the menus.
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    In the menu you'll find the konsole (notice the k), you can run that and open multiple different consoles within it. Quite handy.
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    Konsole rules, but If/sense your using kde, you can right click > run/command thing or something. then type in
    to open a terminal.

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    Re: New Problems

    Quote Originally Posted by Tress
    Ok, i know, i'm a total noobie at Linux...

    I've managed to install Slackware. But when i restart my computer, it runs Windows instead.

    I've tryed to start with the boot disk, but i get this hard to understand DOS like interface where i cant see all the commands when i type help.

    Can anyone help me here? Do i have to run some command?
    How did you set-up LILO, or did you. If you did, you should have a choice at start-up time.

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    Thanks everyone. This is amazing, i now have the internet on Linux, and i am using it to post here.

    But. I've found some linux programs, that say you have to compile them, yet they give no intructions on how you should do this... Can anyone show me a tutorial or something please?

    EDIT: Also, i have a mouse roller, something that slides the page up and down, its currently not working. How would i set it up in Linux?

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    this will usually do it

    tar xzvf someprogram.tar.gz
    cd someprogram
    make install

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    I recommend installing sudo and adding this line to it using visudo (that's one command, not vi sudo).

    alex    ALL=(ALL) NOPASSWD: ALL
    Change alex for your user, then put sudo before any commands you want to run as root.
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    How do i get the GUI up?

    Quote Originally Posted by Tress
    Ok, thanks.

    I've done that and have duel boot options. But when i run linux it starts up in a shell style. How do i get the GUI up?
    Without doing anything fancy at the LILO prompt put 4 at the end. EG if it says
    Linux type a 4 at the end IE
    Linux 4
    and most likely gdm or kdm will start up and you will be GUI. 4 is the run level for GUI in Slackware. Started this way tho <ctrl><alt><F6> will get you the text shell and <ctrl><alt><F7> GUI again.

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