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    Screen Flicker on Laptop in X


    I couldn't find any topics on this issue, so I'll just post.

    I just installed slack on my laptop, and have been having MANY problems with it, so here is one.

    When I boot to X, the desktop flickers. It is more of a small vibration or something like that. It gets really annoying after a while.

    I have tried everything, from changing the resolution and refresh rate to a million other things.

    At first I thought maybe it was something with the backlight, so I booted to Knoppix, and it works fine.

    My friend was having similar problems with his SUSE 9.3 live disc (never figured out a solution)


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    I've only ever installed Slackware on one laptop.

    Needless to say Slackware isn't a distro that is laptop-friendly. I've only ever seen a Slacktop install go smoothly once (and I've seen lots of Slacktop installs).

    I'd try another distro altogether, I hear Ubuntu has good laptop support.

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    i am running slack 10.0 on my nec lavie laptop. the first thing i did after installing and configuring the kernel, is install the newest version of xorg. you probably just need a newer driver. btw what graphics card do you have? also, tweeking xorg.conf might help.

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    use slackpkg to upgrade to xorg & use xorgconfig to configure your refresh rates / color depth & resolution.

    I have a desktop PC that has an old ATI video card that has this problem, but it happens with all distro's. The monitor supports 1024x768@75Hz but flickers, it works fine with other PC's. The monitor & video card act correctly at 800x600.

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